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It had been two years since I lost Brody and yet I still cry and feel the bound he had.  I can never thank you enough for all you did.  I am going to the Equine Affiare this Friday and noticed I will be missing you Sat and Sun.  I still have Wyatt and Red  Both doing great and I have learned so much from them.  You might be surprised to learn I now have a nanny goat, a ram and a standard Jenny and mini Jack (just weaned a baby JuJu and gave to a great home).  I now live in Warsaw Indiana and I can say I have never found another VooDoo like you. I find I am looking to foster another German Shorthair Pointer and think of you and Brody often (from the 3 legs to 4 and the obedience classes). I hope you still tell our success story!  Your tough strong love is the best.  I hope all is well and that many blessing come your way.  

Laurie Schotz   

I have 4 jobs now and loving all of them (own my own company is one of them).


BRODY WILL BE SADLY MISSED - thank you for your story