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From the horse’s mouth……
Hi!  My name is Alluette, a 22 yr old Danish WB/QH cross mare and my brother is Wolffe, a 21 yr old TB.  We live in Central Pennsylvania just outside a town called Danville.  We want to tell you our story of Dr. Anders!
My mom first met Dr. Anders in November of 2010 at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts.  She had been worrying about me for over a year by then as I’d started having colic episodes the previous Thanksgiving day, and continued to get sick about every 3 wks even after my local doctor had changed my feed several times and treated me for ulcers as well.  I don’t particularly like my grain and haven’t since I was just a wee little gal.  I’ve always been a bit grumpy and unwilling to do much when my mom rides me. I make the ‘cutest’ faces (well I think they’re cute) when she tightens the girth and I squeal when she mounts and dismounts, eat only a few mouthfuls of my grain before going to my ‘salad’ of hay.  I eventually finish my grain over 6 – 8 hrs, but my mom says “this is not normal, what’s wrong”?   
My brother, Wolffe, was having his own problems at this time in 2010 as he had obviously hurt his lower back playing his games of bucking, rearing and running around (you know…..basically bugging the heck out of Me!).  He didn’t like to have my mom ride him at anything faster than a walk and then sometimes that was even too much for him.  She tried everything from getting the saddle reflocked, to trying different pads and he was already taking an anti inflammatory supplement for his navicular…She also had him treated by a human chiropractor twice but it didn’t help….
So when my mom saw Dr. Anders listed on the Equine Affaire schedule to do a presentation on Alternative medicines including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Holistic herbs she was determined to be front row center to hear what this man had to say.   She was so impressed with his demo, that she caught up with him after he was finished to hear him talk to a small group who’d followed him outside…… and boy did she get a surprise!  She already knew that he was going to have some answers for Wolffe, but in hearing him talk with others she asked him if this new grain recipe would help Me…..and he asked what my problem was………(hmm  I didn’t think I Had a problem…….)  anyway..  she told him how I was getting sick and didn’t like my grain and he said “Yep! This will help her and I can recommend some herbs for her too, as it sounds like she is having a liver/spleen imbalance.”   
Well, she came home barely walking on the ground and informed Wolffe and me that we were in for some changes ‘round here !  : )
First thing she did was find out from our local mill how she could get Dr. Ander’s ingredients for his holistic recipe…….. and we were eating a cereal much more likable to me than that yucky pelleted stuff!  So far so good……….(oh Wolffe you ask?  He’ll eat anything……! ) 
Then she emailed Dr. Anders a list of all of everything we ate, including all of our supplements along with pictures of us……( I think he wanted to see how beautiful I was ).    And then she waited …….
One night just a few weeks later, she got a phone call and the man said  “ Hi this is Dr. Anders from Coldwater Ohio” ……..she was again dancing with joy!   They talked for a very long time about both me and Wolffe and by the middle of the conversation Dr. Anders was telling my mom things that we were doing that she didn’t even think was relevant to our ‘problems’ (there’s that word again).          He called again a few nights later to tell her what he felt we needed in herbs and what he’d like to have us ‘adjusted’ for………oh, and something about sticking needles in us???????  
So my mom went on a major search for a licensed veterinarian who was certified in both Chiropractic and Acupuncture for equines…………  She found us Dr. Kristin Edwards who came once a month for a few months and we liked her just fine…..( those needles didn’t even hurt or nothing).   We continued to eat our new cereal, our herbs and by January I was feeling much better, but still not ‘normal’….. (Is Normal good? I mean “I” think I’m pretty good all the time)  Wolffe’s back was getting better slowly, but we both continued being treated long distance by Dr. Anders…………my mom was still preaching to us about how wonderful this man was and how much she wished he could come visit us here in Danville…….  
By spring we’d gotten a clean bill of health from Dr. Anders, and we no longer needed our herbs.  I was eating much better and had no episodes of colic since November and Wolffe was letting mom ride him !  So spring went into summer and then the weather was very hot in August, and I got a bit sick again so my mom called Dr. Anders again, and he said  ‘put her back on her herb and do whatever you can to get her to eat it’.  When she gave me more grain to eat even though  she knew I wasn’t feeling like eating…..I thought  “she’s crazy”  but then I sniffed it……….smelled my special herb in there………and Ate it All real quick!  I got it in my grain for a few weeks until I had a very special visitor in late September.   
It was DR. ANDERS!  He’d come all the way from Ohio to see Wolffe and me, and some other very nice horses that needed his help too.  He did all kinds of things with us, Thermography, Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture and we felt SO good and now know first hoof why my mom thinks Dr.  Anders is so special! It was a very cool day and all of the horses treated by Dr. Anders that day were feeling great with some spectacular changes happening for them.  
Dr. Anders continues to keep in contact with my mom, and just recently when this winter weather made some unusual changes I got feeling poorly again and didn’t eat anything for 24 hours, not even my good salad hay or water.  One phone call to Dr. Anders and he got me fixed up quick and I’m now feeling much better to start a new year.  I KNOW that Dr. Anders will be a part of my life forever, and Wolffe and I are very happy that he came into our lives and hope that he will come visit us again in the spring!  
Alluette and Wolffe Berry

WOLFFE WILL BE SADLY MISSED - thank you for your story. 


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  • "We are so thankful we found Dr. Anders! He spends a lot of time with Bo who suffers from liver disease. We are trying acupuncture, manipulation of the spine, and Eastern holistic herbs. Bo loves his new food and we see a new vitality in his behavior. We knew we had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying a holistic approach. The staff is so friendly and caring, too. Time will tell concerning Bo's prognosis, but he seems so happy chasing squirrels again. Thanks Dr. Anders and staff! (Oh, and the bandanas are adorable!)"
    Debby E.