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In April of 2013 we noticed that Brewster, our five year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, was having problems getting up when he was lying down.  We took him to our local vet, he took x-raysand did not find any injury to his spine.  He prescribed Brewster, Prednisone, and told us we would have to take Brewster somewhere to have an MRI, because, in his opinion it was a neurological problem.  He gave two different places to call  to see what the cost would be.    That cost was anywhere from $1900.00 to $2400.00  That was a lot of money to spend and not to help Brewster.  We felt hopeless.  Do we live with this or do we put him down?   Wondering what was the best thing for Brewster.  

We had to help him stand, help him up and down the steps coming in and out of our house.  We bought him a special harness that had handles in front and back to help him up.  We had to put food and water close to him so he could eat and drink while we were at work...he was in the same place you left him.   In our frustration, talked to different people about the situation maybe someone had a solution.  Talking to a friend about Brewster, whe told us about a mutual friend Kathy, who had a dog that had been injured and was going to lose a leg.   Kathy took her dog to a different vet in Coldwater and he save the leg, and the dog is fully functional.   We gave Kathy a call and she suggested we take Brewster to Dr. Anders.  Kathy told us Dr. Anders does acupuncture and that my help Brewster.  

We made an appointment for Brewster to see Dr. Anders on May 6.  He checked Brewster from head to tail.   He started out by a chiropractic adjustment on him and then doing acupuncture.   He also performed laser acupuncture and prescribed natural medicines for Brewster.  After the first treatment, we saw a little improvement.  A week later we went back and Brewster had the same treatments.  He started to improve after each time between treatments.  Then Dr. Anders started to do physical therapy on Brewster to get his muscle tone and balance back.  He also had us do exercises with Brewster to do at home between treatments. Brewster has been to Dr. Anders' office five times for treatment.  He can now stand on his own, go up and down the steps by himself, he is running again and while I was writing this I looked in the front room and he had gotten up on the couch by himself.  This makes me feel so good to know he can do things on his own.  Brewster is happy and so am I.  Dr. Anders and his staff are wonderful.  They all gave us HOPE when we thought there was none left.  Thank you all!

Julie Baxter 


We are so impressed with Brewster's progress.  Thank you for your kind words.