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Hi, my name is Pete, and Dr. Anders asked me to give you my testimony. It's been over a year now when my ordeal began. You see I'm an 8 year old German Shepherd and I love to chase squirrels and rabbits. Or anything else that's in my yard that shouldn't be. One morning while going for a walk, my baby sister Samantha took off running after something. I should mention that Mom and Dad have a tree farm and our daily walks are around the trees. Anyways, Sam took off and I decided to follow. I couldn't see what she was running after so I decided to cut across the tree row and follow right behind her. That was the worst decision I've ever made. Dad hadn't yet filled in the holes that he had dug, and I fell into one of those holes. OUCH.. I don't know what I did but I sure did hurt myself and good. According to all of the doctors that I saw, it was cartridge and ligaments that were torn to the point where I could not properly walk. Mom took me to Columbus where they put a plate in my paw. Then I went through so many bandage changes that I was starting to get mad at everyone who even wanted to even look at my paw. Don't touch me I would say. My problem was that my sore was not healing, then someone made the decision to remove my plate. Here I go again I thought, this is never going to heal, and it didn't. Finally a friend of Moms recommended Dr. Anders and told her what he did with acupuncture and stuff. When I heard about it for the first time, I thought she was crazy. But, I had my first appointment scheduled. According to Doc I had stagnant blood that was not flowing to my paws, thus the reason for my sore not healing and me not using my paw. Mind you by this time, a year has past. Didn't really want Doc touching me either, I've had enough and made sure that he knew this. He did, and respected me for what I had gone through and gave me some "go-go juice". Wow that was good stuff! I had an adjustment, an acupuncture treatment and laser treatment as well. As soon as the "positive energy" started flowing, so did the blood circulation. I think Mom was crying but I'm not for sure because of that juice. As soon as they got me off the table I started walking. It wasn't the best looking walk, but remember it's been almost a whole year that I hadn't used my paw. Man it felt weird but good at the same time! Its only been a couple of months, but I'm back to running again after squirrels and rabbits and chasing my baby sister. I still have a ways to go but I thank God that Mom found Dr. Anders for me. The last visit I had I was walking around and noticed Doc looking at me. I decided that he should know that I have a hurt paw so I instinctively picked up my paw. For some reason that seemed to get the whole staff laughing. I'll keep that up because I like to make people happy. Dr. Anders and staff, thanks for taking such great care of me! Pete

HAPPY THAT YOU ARE DOING WELL - thank you for your story. 


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  • "We are so thankful we found Dr. Anders! He spends a lot of time with Bo who suffers from liver disease. We are trying acupuncture, manipulation of the spine, and Eastern holistic herbs. Bo loves his new food and we see a new vitality in his behavior. We knew we had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying a holistic approach. The staff is so friendly and caring, too. Time will tell concerning Bo's prognosis, but he seems so happy chasing squirrels again. Thanks Dr. Anders and staff! (Oh, and the bandanas are adorable!)"
    Debby E.