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Thelma also received a Gold Bead Implant



The changes made are remarkable, these are actual comments from Thelma's owner. 

  1. Her hind legs are far apart now.
  2. She is hopping onto the sofa again and rolling on her back. She has not hopped up onto her stool that gets her onto the guest bed for sunbathing yet though.  This stool is a little bit higher than the one going to the sofa.
  3. She is having 1 and sometimes 2 bowel movements a day instead of 3 or 4 a day.
  4. In the evenings, she goes outside before eating as usual and now makes it clear through until bedtime before she has to go out again.  Before, she would bark sharply a few hours after eating her supper and urinate immediately upon going outside.  Overall, he sense of urgency to urinate when she goes out is gone.
  5. Her eyes glisten more.
  6. When she gets a drink, she doesn't drink nearly as long and as "furiously" each time as she did before.
  7. She snores now when she falls asleep on the sofa in the evenings instead of being so wakeful. 

This is Thelma's story.  This video also appears on our YouTube channel.

Thelma's sister Louise, will be sadly missed.  


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  • "We are so thankful we found Dr. Anders! He spends a lot of time with Bo who suffers from liver disease. We are trying acupuncture, manipulation of the spine, and Eastern holistic herbs. Bo loves his new food and we see a new vitality in his behavior. We knew we had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying a holistic approach. The staff is so friendly and caring, too. Time will tell concerning Bo's prognosis, but he seems so happy chasing squirrels again. Thanks Dr. Anders and staff! (Oh, and the bandanas are adorable!)"
    Debby E.